Program Overview

Primary Program

Central Florida Bible College now provides undergraduate course work (120 total hours) divided into 30 hour units of study. Upon completion of the four year course work, the student will earn a Bachelors in Biblical Studies and a Ministerial License and a canidate for ordination through Anchor Of Our Souls Ministries. 

Transfer Of Credits

All credits are transferable to Christian Colleges that recognize CFBC’s curriculum and program toward a Masters Degree. For further information, please contact the Academic Dean. If you want to transfer the credits elsewhere, it is your responsibility to contact the school to determine if they will recognize and accept the courses.


The student should inquire directly with the denomination with which he/she plans to seek ordination to determine if they will accept credits from CFBC. At the completion of the four year course work, students have the option of continuing on with the Intern Program at affiliated churches and to apply for ordination consideration by Anchor of Our Souls Ministries. Upon completion, students will be eligible for Licensing under Anchor Of Our Souls Ministries Inc. and Apostle Fred and Maylen Puentes.

Outreach Programs

An exciting thrust of Central Florida Bible College is the emphasis on world evangelization. We believe the Great Commission still applies and is a command that is not optional. Opportunities for short-term missions involvement are offered, giving students choices between various kinds of ministry including, street witnessing, crusades, music, and drama, etc. Each student must participate in an outreach before graduation. A student may work with CFBC’s scheduled fund-raisers to help lower the cost of their participation in the outreach.

Intern Program

CFBC shares in the development of competent ministers by expecting of its Ministerial Interns a high degree of achievement. Servant-hood, academic excellence and training  for the equipping of future leadership is the heart of our Ministerial Internship Program.  You will be challenged to reach your full potential in Christ. You will receive personal care and mentoring.

According to Philippians 4:9, interns will be mentored and discipled by the CFBC and Anchor Of Our Souls Ministries leadership. Interns will receive opportunities in various areas of ministry at affiliate churches and through CFBC’s outreaches. Students must meet with the Academic Dean for approval before entry into this program.

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