Financial Obligations

Financial Obligations

Students are responsible to see that all school fees are paid promptly. Students who do not pay overdue fees may be suspended. A transcript of grades will not be released until all fees are paid.


Returned Checks

There will be a $20 charge for checks returned for insufficient funds.

Solicitation of any kind on campus (i.e.,selling of merchandise, or taking up donations of any kind for any purpose) must be cleared with the school office.


Vehicle Regulations

Students operating or parking any vehicle on campus are responsible for the security of that vehicle.



Students are encouraged to carry their own property insurance. The school does not carry insurance to cover loss of personal property.


Lost and Found

The school is not responsible for loss of personal property. Students should contact the school office regarding lost or found items.


Child Care

Childcare is not provided by CFBC. It is the responsibility of each student to make arrangements for the care of their children during scheduled classes. Children are not allowed in class under any circumstance.



The Academic Dean of CFBC may have an orientation meeting for all new students or may give you individual orientation. Your orientation will provide needed and beneficial information about many of the procedures, services and opportunities at CFBC


Faculty and Staff

CFBC like most Low tuition Bible colleges, would not survive without the dedicated efforts of part time teachers. Most of our teachers are also pastors, lay ministers, or hold full time secular jobs. Full-time staff may be employed as the need arises and funds become available. Often, Bible colleges could not survive without the dedicated efforts of part-time teachers.  Please click on the link “meet the Faculty”


CFBC is a non-denominational,  Bible-based, Spirit-Filled Bible College.  Our school is accountable to a Board of Directors of Anchor Of Our Souls Ministries.


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