Academic Policy

Academic Guidance
The academic program of Central Florida Bible College is designed to prepare the student for effective ministry. Therefore, guidance relating to individual programs of study, course enrollment, and graduation requirements is provided through the Academic Dean.

Students are to register the month prior to the start of class. All fees must be paid prior to class.

Transfer Students
CFBC does not except transfer students or credits at this time.

Transfer of Credits
The student should inquire directly with the school, which he/she plans to attend to determine if they will accept credits from CFBC. All credits will be forwarded at the completion of 30 credit hours for each program.

Transcripts may be obtained from CFBC

Grading System

CFBC uses the following grading scale to record and report academic achievement:


Grade Description Percentages Grade Points
A Superior 93-100 4.0
B Excellent 85-92 3.0
C Average 77-84 2.0
D Below Average 70-76 1.0
F Failing 0-69 0.0
W Withdrawn   0.0
I Incomplete   0.0


Withdrawal from Central Florida Bible College

Failure to complete a course within 8 weeks, unless otherwise approved, will result in a failed (“F”) class. The student will receive an “F” for any course with unsatisfied requirements.  The class may be retaken and fees will apply. A student that has not withdrawn from CFBC or participated in a class for 6 months will be automatically withdrawn from CFBC. No tuition will be refunded and all fees must be paid to re-enroll in CFBC.

If a student chooses to withdraw from CFBC, He/she should speak with the Academic Dean and the proper form must be signed to formally withdraw. Unless the student formally withdraws, he/she will not be eligible for re-admission without a formal interview with the Academic Dean and/or the President of the College. A “W” does not count against a student’s GPA.

Repeat Courses
Courses may be repeated for students who have failed. A repeat test may be taken within one week. If the student fails then a repeat course must be taken. If a student receives a letter grade of “F”, only the higher grade is computed in the overall grade point average. Full tuition cost is required for repeat courses.

Academic Difficulties
Any academic difficulties are to be referred to the Academic Dean. For an appointment, please call the CFBC office.

Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend all classes. Only one excused absence per course is allowed for all in classroom students. If a student knows in advance they will be absent, prior arrangements are to be made with the Academic Dean. In the event you may miss a class, you will be given a password to access the class on-line. Access will be granted for two weeks then the class will close.

Unexcused and/or excess absences might result in penalties as determined by the Academic Dean, including (but not limited to) having to repeat the course. Payment of tuition for the course is required before student is allowed to repeat the class.

For those that may be viewing classes live on line, it is important for you to register and then send us your ID Name. This is important to gain entrance into the classroom. Live classes are held on Monday nights at 7:00pm-9:30pm EST.

For those that will be viewing the classes on our web site, you will receive a separate email with your ID Name and password. These passwords change every month. The classes are available on Wednesdays for two weeks, then removed.

Class Attendance Options:

  1. Classroom setting Monday and Tuesday nights at 7:00pm-9:30pm EST.
  2. On-Line Long Distant Student (LDS): Work at own pace. (Password required)
  3. On-line LDS viewing live class on Mondays. Same time frame as classroom students. (Password required)
  4. LDS viewing on-line class within the next two weeks for students that have an excused absence. (Password required)
  5. Correspondent Student: All class and tests via US Mail. Work at your own pace.

For more information, please see the Academic Dean.

Permission to audit a course must be given by the Academic Dean at the time of registration. If a student desires a course status change from an audit course to credit, the appropriate fees and application forms must be completed and approved by the Academic Dean. Students auditing a class are there to learn through observation not participation. Audit students may be asked to not participate if time is being taken away from the paying students.

Assignments and Examinations
Students are encouraged to prepare a study schedule at the beginning of each semester and adhere to it carefully so that sufficient time is allotted for study. All assigned work will be due on the date designated by the instructor. The student is responsible for all make-up work when absent from class, and the due date set by the instructor remains mandatory. Assignments and examinations must be completed on schedule, as outlined by the instructor. Late tests will be administered only for excused absences. Final examinations are to be taken at the time scheduled. Final exams  are done on-line or emailed for LDS students.   A password will be issued for each online test.

Bonus Points
Due to the structure of CFBC, bonus points are awarded for assignments and class participation. On the website, under Discussion Forum, you will find Bonus Questions each month. Bonus points accumulate each month. These questions are to help aid you in your growth and study. Students with the most points will receive awards. Students in the classroom on Mondays must bring their Bonus Questions to class. On line students may email them.

Student Incentives
A student incentive we have, to advance the Kingdom of God, is paid tuition. For each new student that you recruit to the college you can earn tuition money. A student will receive $5 toward tuition for the first two students recruited, then $10 for the 3rd and 4th. After the 5th recruit, each student will receive $15 in tuition per recruit.

In order to receive paid tuition, the recruit must enroll and be a student for two months. On the third month the student will be paid tuition for the new recruit.

Languages Offered
We do have classes available in English and Spanish. Part of our vision is establishing Extension Schools in different Nations and Languages.

Change of Address Procedures
Students are to notify the CFBC office in writing of a change in address or telephone number. A Change of Address form may be obtained from the school office.

Media Use
Use of video recording of any class without prior permission is strictly prohibited. A student may use a laptop computer, tablet or I-Pod in class to take notes or for downloaded textbooks.


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