Grade Reporting

Test grades will be reported to students after each course is completed. By doing so the student will be provided with the information needed to track their academic progress.

A report card will be provided to each student at the end of each semester: a total of two report cards for the year’s program. In the second report card, the student’s total GPA will be based on 9 courses and the Ministerial Practicum.  No report card will be provided to students that have not met all the requirements for one or more courses or have failed to pay the tuition and/or applicable fees in full.

Grading System

Students of all programs must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) to meet requirements for graduation. CFBC uses the following grading scale to record and report academic achievement:


A                       94-100                            4.0

A-                      90-93                             3.67

B+                     87-89                             3.33

B                       84-86                             3.0

B-                     80-83                             2.67

C+                    77-79                              2.33

C                      74-76                              2.0

C-                    70-73                               1.67

D+                    67-69                              1.33

D                      64-66                              1.0

D-                     59-63                               .67

F                         0-58                             0.0

W *                                                          0.0

I                                                               0.0