Student Incentives

Bonus Points for Academic Achievement Award

Due to the structure of CFBC, bonus points may be awarded for assignments and class participation. Bonus points are added to the final grade for the course. These activities and/or assignments are to help you in your growth and study. Students with the most points will receive an Academic Achievement Award at the graduation ceremony. Students attending classes on campus must bring their bonus assignments to class on the specified date. Online students are to email them to the Instructor.

Student Recruiting

A student incentive implemented by CFBC to advance the Kingdom of God is a discounted tuition voucher. For each new student that you recruit to the college, you can earn tuition credit/discount. A student will receive $5 toward tuition for each of the first two students recruited. Then $10 for both the 3rd and 4th. For the 5th recruit, each student will receive $15 in tuition discount. After that, they will continue to receive $15.00 off their tuition for each recruit.

For the student to receive paid tuition, the recruit must enroll and be a student for a minimum of two months. On the third month, the student will receive tuition credit for the recruit.