Class Attendance: on-campus/online

Class Attendance Options

Courses are available on-campus and online at the college website. A password is required for all in-classroom and online students class viewing. For more information contact the Academic Dean.  Class attendance options are as follow:

  1. Classroom setting: 1st/2nd and 3rd-year courses are held on Monday nights at 7:00-9:30 pm EST and 4th-year courses on Tuesday nights at 7:00-9:30 pm All program courses are offered on-campus and online.
  2. Online Long-Distance Learning students (LDL): Follow the same schedule as classroom students or may work at their own pace. All CFBC programs are included. Appropriate arrangements must be made with the Academic Dean regarding the student’s work pace.
  3. Correspondence Students are available, but not common: All classes and tests are to be completed via US Mail. The students work at their own pace.

In-class Attendance

Classroom students are expected to attend all classes. Only one excused absence per course is recommended for all on-campus students. If a student knows in advance they must be absent, prior arrangements are to be made with the Instructor. In the event a student must miss a class, the student is responsible to obtain the password from the Academic Dean or Administrative Assistant to access the class online.

Unexcused/Excess Absences

Unexcused and/or excessive absences may result in penalties as determined by the Academic Dean, including (but not limited to) having to repeat the course. Payment of tuition is required before a student can repeat the course.