Enrollment Information


Applications are welcome from students who have an academic background that indicates a potential for a successful college experience and who can contribute to the Christian ideals of the College. While the potential for academic success is a primary consideration, applicants’ goals, the recommendations they submit, and the College’s ability to serve the applicant are considered as well. Applications are accepted from any student without regard to race, color, national origin, creed, sex, age or handicap.

 Application Procedures:

Application: Each applicant must complete an Application for Admission.

References: Included in each application packet are two reference forms: Pastor’s and Friend’s References. Applicants are to complete the top portion of each form and submit to the person completing the form. The Pastor’s Reference form must be completed by an ordained minister, preferable by the Pastor of the church where the applicant attends. The person who completes the form should mail it directly to CFBC. The address is at the bottom of the referral form.

Photo: A wallet or passport size photograph is required for all applicants for identification purposes. This photograph must be included with the application.

Non-refundable Application Processing Fee:  The student must submit the completed application with the enrollment fee to the Academic Dean. A non-refundable processing fee of $50.00 made out to Central Florida Bible College (or CFBC) to cover the application and evaluation process.

Basic Requirements:

  1. All applicants are required to submit a copy of their High School Diploma, E.D., Certificate of Completion or its equivalent.
  2. If the applicant has completed High School but does not have a copy of the diploma, G.E.D., Certificate of Completion or its equivalent, he/she must submit an affidavit or notarized letter stating where and when he/she completed his/her High School education to the office of the Academic Dean/Administrator.
  3. Students transferring credits to CFBC from another Institution of higher learning must have an official, sealed transcript sent directly from the Institution to CFBC. The student is responsible to follow up with the Academic Dean to determine whether all transcripts have been received.
  4. If a student is interested in attending CFBC but has not a diploma, G.E.D., Certificate of Completion or its equivalent, he/she could audit the courses and will receive a Certificate of Completion after completion of each one of CFBC programs. The student must follow the admission and application procedures stated above. To change the course status from audit to credit, the student is encouraged to complete his/her High School education and upon completion to submit a copy of the diploma, G.E.D., Certificate of Completion or its equivalent to the office of the Academic Dean/Administrator and pay all applicable fees.

  Fees and Schedules:

  • Tuition for a three-credit hour course is $50.00
  • Audit fee (non-credit) is $50.00 per course.
  • Class Schedule: Classes for all CFBC programs are available on-campus and online. On-campus classes are held on Mondays from 7:00-9: 30 pm for 1st/2nd and 3rd-year students, and on Tuesdays from 7:00-9: 30 pm for 4th-year students.
  • On-Campus Classes are located at CFBC 5243 Emerald Dr. Dade City, Florida 33523


Each student is responsible to buy their own books. A list of books is found on the back of the Academic Calendar with information as to how to obtain the books for each course.

 Ministerial Practicum Program:

Each student is to complete a Ministerial Practicum with a minimum of 72 hours under the supervision of the local Pastor or other assigned Minister. The purpose is to give the student a hands-on training experience and to help the student to identify his/her areas of strength and weaknesses.  Upon graduation, students have the option of continuing into the Internship Program. A $50 fee is required for renewal of ministerial license for all graduates. Non-Graduates Fees apply separately.