Tuition, Textbooks, and Course Auditing


CFBC is a low-cost-tuition Bible college. Our purpose is to provide the most affordable spiritual education that we can as a ministry unto the Lord and to His servants. Students can finish their program of studies over a time-period that is convenient to them, according to their own finances and/or work schedules.

Enrollment fee and Tuition Cost

The payment of tuition is based on the concept of “pay-as-you-go.” The cost of tuition for the First year is $575.00. This amount includes a non-refundable enrollment fee, courses tuition, and cost of cap and gown. The cost of tuition for the Second, Third, and Fourth year is $500.00. This amount includes the courses tuition. The following table shows the cost and description of the year program. No other related fees are included (i.e., late fee, etc.).

Description Cost-1st Year Cost 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Years
One-time non-refundable Enrollment Fee $ 50.00 None
Tuition (9 courses and 1 Ministerial Practicum at $50.00 each) $500.00 $500.00
Graduation: Cap and Gown $ 25.00* none
TOTAL $575.00 $500.00

 *Price subject to the current market price of cap and gown.


Students are to register the month prior to the start of classes or no later than the first night of class. All fees (Registration and/or course tuition) must be paid by the first night of class of each course. An academic calendar is provided in Appendix F in this handbook. Also, one could be obtained at the time of orientation.

Cap and Gown Fee

The fee for cap and gown must be paid no later than April 31st of the graduating year. The student will pay the fee for the first-year graduation. It is the responsibility of the student to keep the cap and gown for the second, third, and fourth-year graduations. After the first year, If the student does not have the cap and gown, he/she is responsible to pay the $25.00 fee (price subject to the current market price of cap and gown) and a new cap and gown will be ordered for the student.

Tuition Payment Options

On-campus students must pay their tuition on the first night of each new course by using cash, check, money orders, or PayPal. Online students must pay their tuition with a check, money order, or PayPal. Checks or money orders must be mailed one week prior to the start of the new course to allow for mail to be received on time. All checks or money orders must be made payable to Central Florida Bible College or CFBC.

Online and on-campus students using the PayPal option must provide proof of payment to the bookkeeper or Academic Dean before they can receive any class materials or attend classes.

Tuition Late fee

If tuition is not paid on or received at the office of the bookkeeper or Academic Dean on or before the first night of class, a $10.00 late fee will be added if payment is not received on time for the said course.

Note: All Tuition and related fees must be paid in full before graduation. No student will be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony unless all tuition and related fees are paid in full. Tuition for each course must be paid in full before a student is allowed to take the test.

Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition is refunded/credited upon written request according to the following guidelines. The first 1/3 of each course tuition is considered a reservation deposit and is NON-REFUNDABLE. Remaining tuition fee will be refunded/credited if withdrawal is submitted in writing to the Academic Dean during the first week of the course. Refund or credit applies to tuition only. All other fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Tuition DOES NOT include book fees. Each student is responsible to purchase their own books.


Students are responsible for purchasing the textbooks for each course. The list of all textbooks and how to order them is provided on the Academic Calendar for each college program.  Students can also obtain a copy of the Academic Calendar from the Academic Dean or by going to the college website at Some of the textbooks can be downloaded free of charge in pdf format from Harvestime International Institute at Students who would prefer a hard copy of these textbooks can order them directly from the above website also. The cost for the hard copies may vary in prices.

Course Auditing

A potential student will be allowed to audit one-course session free of charge.  Students will only be allowed to audit a one-time course. Permission to audit a course session or a one-time course must be obtained from the Academic Dean. For those students auditing a one-time course no registration is required, however, they must pay the tuition fee of $50.00 on the first day of class of said course. If the student desires to continue auditing, or a course status to be changed from an audit course to credit, the student must follow and meet the admission and application procedures and requirements. All documents must be submitted to the office of the Academic Dean for admission. Students auditing a one-time course are there to learn through observation only, not participation. Even though we encourage potential students to audit courses, it must be understood that priority must be given to for-credit students, and one-time course auditing students may be asked not to enroll in a course if time is being taken away from the for-credit students.

A student that is interested in attending CFBC but has not earned a diploma, G.E.D., Certificate of Completion or its equivalent, he/she can audit the courses and will receive a Certificate of Completion after completion of each year of CFBC programs. The student must follow the admission and application procedures in this handbook. To change the course status from audit to credit, the student is encouraged to complete his/her High School education and upon completion to submit a copy of the diploma, G.E.D., Certificate of Completion or its equivalent to the office of the Academic Dean/Administrator and pay all applicable fees.