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What is Central Florida Bible College?

Central Florida Bible College is a low-tuition Bible college specifically designed for the person who believes they are called to ministry in their local church or denomination. Our program is extremely progressive; helping to relieve many of the general stressors that afflict students desiring better preparation through higher education in order to serve in ministry. Our program is purposely one of the most affordable Bible college programs available. There are several different ways we accomplish the goal of making Bible College a reachable and attainable goal to the person who is considering becoming a part or full-time student. We understand that students come from all walks of life, in many different situations. Our drive is to assist those persons who truly want to serve the Lord to their fullest.

Our School History

“Equipping the believer for the work of the ministry” Eph. 4:12 is CFBC’s scripture of origin. The roots of Central Florida Bible College stem back to October 1999 in Ridge Manor Florida. The Founder, Pastor Fred Puentes was given the vision of equipping the saints for the work of the ministry (Kingdom of Christ). Anchor Church Ridge Manor evolved into the teaching and training center for believers from the day it opened its doors.

Pastor Fred’s philosophy about service unto Christ is that “every believer is called to minister the gospel.” No matter what level of accumulated knowledge, understanding or comprehension one may have, they should be ministering Christ in some capacity. A person does not have to be ordained by an institution or be a licensed minister in order to share the information that has impacted their lives and caused a manifested change. CFBC exist to provide a more profound level of study, understanding, and balance of the Word of God in the believer’s life in order to support and affirm the personal experience in Christ.

CFBC started with the first group of students on August 5, 2008, under the name Launch Pad Ministerial Bible College and held its first graduation on June 26, 2009, with a total of 7 students graduating. In July 2010 the college took on the new name of Central Florida Bible College.

CFBC started with a two-year program offering an Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Biblical Studies. In 2016 CFBC changed the name of the A.A. from Biblical Studies to an A.A. in Christian Ministry studies (CHM) and in August 2016, CFBC started offering a Bachelor of Arts degree with two major courses of study: Pastoral Ministry and Christian Education.  As the Holy Spirit guides us we will continue to grow and expand, fulfilling Jesus’ great commission to us in His Word.

How long does it take to complete the Central Florida Bible College program?

The curriculum has been assessed for college credit, so a college-equivalent experience is expected. Depending on your availability to study you may be able to complete 1-2 courses per month as each course differs in length. Students should expect to spend approximately as much time on each course as on an equivalent college course. We will schedule one class a month with two classes available for those who desire to work faster.