Online Testing and Assignments

All CFBC tests will be online using Students will receive an email from with the login information. On-campus students with no access to the internet will be required to take the test in the classroom a half-hour (6:30 pm) before the next course starts. The Academic Dean will administer the test to students with no internet access.

The online test will be available as follow:

  1. 1st/2nd and 3th-year students on Tuesdays after the last class session until the following Tuesday at 11:55 pm.
  2. 4rd-year students on Wednesdays after last class session until the following Wednesday at 11:55 pm.

If a student is not able to take the test during the available time, the student must make the necessary arrangements with the Academic Dean to take the test within one week from the test deadline. Failure to take the test within the week period may result in points being taken off from the final test grade or a final course grade reduced by one grade letter. Course requirements and guidelines for repeating courses apply.

Assignments and Examinations

Students are encouraged to prepare a study schedule at the beginning of each semester and adhere to it carefully so that enough time is allotted for study. All assigned work will be due on the date designated by the Instructor. The student is responsible for all make-up work when absent from class, and the due date set by the Instructor remains in effect. Assignments and examinations must be completed on schedule, as outlined by the Instructor.