Course Descriptions



CHM-101                       Excellence in Character

This course stresses the importance of building the foundation of character. The character is the foundation upon which all life is built. Without a strong, solid foundation of God’s principles, everything else we try to build will soon crumble and fall. It is built based on what God thinks about us. This course explores in depth what it takes to be a person of excellent character which will keep us on the road to our God-given destiny. It also teaches that building and excellent character is not something that is done in isolation, but it is to be done in front of those that are around us and are watching us.

CHM- 102                     Foundations of Faith

This course teaches the basic doctrines of the Christian faith which are based on the teaching of Jesus Christ recorded in the Bible. It also stresses the importance of proper spiritual foundation for life and ministry by focusing on the foundations of the Christian faith identified in Hebrews 6:1-3: Repentance, faith, baptism, laying on of hands, resurrection, and eternal judgment

CHM- 103                     Knowing God’s Voice

This course explains how God speaks to men today and how to find His general and specific plans for life.  A Christian model for decision making is presented, along with guidelines for overcoming wrong decisions, steps to take if you have missed the will of God, and methods for dealing with questionable practices.

CHM- 104                     Intercessory Prayer

This course is an intercessory prayer guide that includes guidelines on how to pray, what to pray for, when not to pray, resources for prayer, international intercession, and factors that hinder prayer. I

 CHM- 105                     Ministry of the Holy Spirit

This study focuses on the ministry of the Holy Spirit, spiritual fruit, and spiritual gifts.  Students are guided in the discovery of their own spiritual gifts and position of ministry in the Body of Christ.

CHM- 106                     Authority of the Believer

This course will cover what authority is, how the believer can break the power of the devil, what weapons of warfare are at the believer’s disposal, and will teach the believer how to exercise the authority they have on a daily basis. This authority is the Name of Jesus.

CHM- 107                     Spiritual Warfare: Spiritual Strategies

This course teaches specific strategies for spiritual warfare. It moves the students beyond the natural world into the realm of the spirit. Tactics of the enemy are analyzed and the students are taught how to protect themselves by knowing their authority and power given to them by Jesus Christ. It stresses the importance of wearing the protecting gear, the armor of God. It also declares that we are victorious over the principalities and powers of the spirit world.  The war is already won and the enemy has already been judged and sentenced.

CHM- 108                     Old Testament Survey

CHM- 109                     New Testament Survey

These courses present an overview of the entire Bible. They also present an introduction and an overview of the message, the authors, main thoughts and the central themes of the Old and New Testaments books. Study outlines of each book of the Old and New Testament are provided for further development of the student.

CHM- 110                     Strategies for Spiritual Harvest

This course uses the example of the parable of the natural harvest in the Bible to present the need of the believer to develop a spiritual vision to see the spiritual harvest and accept the challenge to become a harvester for the Kingdom of God.  Developing spiritual vision is the process of recognizing the purpose for which we have been brought into the Kingdom of God, which is fulfilling Jesus commission to preach the Gospel to the uttermost part of the earth.

CHM- 111                     Kingdom Living

The “Gospel of the Kingdom” will be preached in all the world before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. This course teaches that to enter this Kingdom, to maintain residency, and to fulfill the commission to preach its Gospel to the world it is necessary to understand the principles and patterns of the Kingdom. It also stresses that the patterns and principles of Kingdom living are applicable both to life and ministry.

 CHM- 112                     Developing a Biblical World View

This course examines the Biblical worldview revealed in the Bible from Genesis through Revelation. It teaches that to have a biblical worldview is to see the world as God sees it. God’s plan for the nations of the world from the beginning of time is detailed. This course presents the current worldwide spiritual need. This course will expand the knowledge of the world in which the students live for the purpose of multiplying spiritual laborers.

CHM-113                     Leaven Like Evangelism

The Gospel of the Kingdom spreads throughout the world as leaven in bread dough: The leaven is small and hidden, but its impact is unlimited. In this course, effective evangelism strategies are taught, including detailed instruction on the deliverance ministry, church planting, and techniques of networking between ministries.

CHM-114                      Principles of Environmental Analysis

In this course, the students will learn environmental analysis on an individual, church, and organizational basis. They learn how to analyze the spiritual environment of a village, city, state or nation prior to penetrating it with the Gospel message.


CHM- 201                     Creative Bible Study

This course equips the students for the personal study of the Word of God during and after the conclusion of Central Florida Bible College Training. It introduces the Bible as the written Word of the one true God and guides the student to discover what the Bible teaches about itself. Students learn how to study the Bible by book, chapter, paragraph, verse, and word.  Other methods taught include biographical, devotional, theological, typological, and topical. Special guidelines for studying Bible poetry and prophecy are presented and students are taught methods for charting and outlining.

CHM- 202                     Life and Teachings of Christ I

This course examines Christ during His early years and ministry. It also examines part of Christ’s life as He teaches His apostles.

CHM- 203                     Life and Teachings of Christ II

This course continues to examine Christ’s life as He teaches His apostles.  It also studies the gathering storm that was ahead of Christ and the glorious victory that He won for all believers as He went through the storm.

CHM- 204                     The Anointing

In this course, the student will learn the importance of the anointing of God to be effective in the five-fold ministry and all other church-related ministries.  The student will learn how the anointing worked in the Old and New Testament, especially in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. It shows that the anointing is available to all believers today.

CHM- 205                     Teaching Tactics

This course examines the methods Jesus used to teach and preach the Gospel. The student will learn the tactics of preaching and teaching God’s Word, the revelation upon which all teaching is based. Students are given guidelines for analyzing the audience, stating objectives, planning the lesson, using different teaching methods, and evaluating your teaching. The student is also taught how to train others to teach and how to adapt your teaching to teach illiterate people (those unable to read or write).

CHM- 206                     Multiplication Methodologies

This course presents God’s plan for spiritual multiplication and reveals how a Christian can be responsible for the multiplication of thousands of trained and motivated believers. The student will also learn the principles of church growth and how to implement them.

CHM- 207                     Biblical Management Principles

This course introduces the principles of Biblical Management with an emphasis on Servant Leadership, Biblical leaders, and Scriptural strategies for success.  It stresses the importance of the need for the anointing to lead.  Major tasks of leaders are reviewed, with emphasis on decision making and handling conflicts. It provides principles for training leaders and followers.

CHM- 208                     Biblical Finances: Divine Provision

In this course, the students will learn about our giving God and the tremendous resources He has already given us through Christ Jesus. It teaches how to live under an open heaven financially and how debts can be supernaturally retired. It also teaches how to conduct spiritual warfare on behalf of our finances, scriptural financial principles, and how to remove barriers to financial blessings. The students will learn how those things lost can be restored, and about a new financial anointing that will enable them to sow and reap abundantly in God’s Kingdom. This course is based upon the firm foundation of the Word of God, therefore, preparing the students to face their financial future with faith instead of fear.

CHM- 209                     Divine Healing: Battle for the Body

This course reveals that through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ provision has been made for physical healing. In this course, a careful evaluation is made of the strategies available to win the war against Satan in the battle for the body. The student will learn how to do battle for their physical body and to how to minister these truths to other wounded warriors in God’s army.

CHM- 210                     Power Principles

The early church was born in a demonstration of the power of God. Jesus commission of reaching the world with the Gospel must also be accomplished with a demonstration of the Holy Spirit and power. This course will enable the student to experience the spiritual power taught in the Bible.  It teaches the importance of having the power of God in our lives and ministry to be an effective witness for the Kingdom of God. Its purpose is to move the student from being a spectator to a demonstrator of the power of God.

CHM- 211                     Women a Biblical Profile

This course is a study of all the Bible teaches about women and their role in ministry. It is not only a study guide but a reference tool as it lists all the passages about women and references to all the individual women mentioned in the Word of God. It stresses that true liberation for women comes only through Jesus Christ and recognition of the patterns and principles governing womanhood revealed in God’s Word, the Bible.

CHM-212                      Discovering your Purpose

(This is a possible requirement for the Ministerial Practicum, to be assigned if the student is uncertain of the area of ministry.)

This course is intended to help students to identify their purpose in life and ministry. It is also intended to inspire and equip the student to boldly fulfill God destiny for their lives. Specific examples from the Bible are used to encourage the student and to help them in developing boldness to fulfill their purpose in Christ.

CHM-213                     Mobilization Methodology

This course presents methods for mobilizing spiritual forces for God and explains the practical application of the CFBC’s vision to specific areas of ministry. Referral courses in various areas of ministry are also available through this module.

CHM-214                     Angels and Demons

This course teaches the students the origin, activity, and sphere of influence of angels, Satan, and demons. This teaching will bring awareness to the student, so they can understand and use the power and authority given to them by Jesus Christ to overcome the power of the enemy.

CHM-215                     Altar Counselor

This course is intended to train students as altar counselors to properly minister to those that respond to the altar call made by the minister. The students are trained to work with the minister to “reap” the spiritual fruit of men, women, boys, and girls who will receive and act upon the Word of God.

MPR- Ministry Practicum—MPR-100, 200 (First and Second Years)

The Ministry Practicum will give students CFBC credits for volunteer ministry in their local church. The practicum counts as one three-credit hour course. Students will be required to complete a total of 72 hours of supervised ministry. At least 50% of their practicum must be in the student’s specific area of ministry.

A Practicum Form must be completed by the supervising minister and submitted to Central Florida Bible College. No grade will be awarded unless all requirements for the practicum are met as stated above.


CHM-301                     Ministerial Ethics

This course is designed to help students in their spiritual formation. It intends to teach Christian ministry students the unique moral role of the minister and the ethical responsibilities of that vocation. This course sets a standard of excellence in ethical conduct and obligations in their personal and professional lives. It exposes common ethical problems faced by ministers and provides preventive strategies.

CHM- 302                   Church Administration: Management by Objectives

This course is a method for conducting Christian ministry in an orderly, effective manner. It analyzes Christ’s objectives for ministry and teaches students to institute management by objectives in their own life and ministry. Students will learn how to set objectives, implement plans, delegate, manage their time, and evaluate results.

CHM-303                     Submission and Authority

This course teaches the power of being under God’s authority. It teaches how choosing to submit to both God’s divine authority and His delegated authority. It enables us to walk in the power and authority in which God desires for us to live. This course will make certain we don’t unknowingly negate God’s privilege by choosing to walk in the rebellion of this Kingdom Principal.

CHM-304                     Principles of Leadership

In this course, students will learn to recognize, develop, and refine the personal characteristics necessary to become an effective Christian leader. This course also teaches that leadership is not a list of “do’s and don’ts”, but a lifestyle that people of God desire and long to follow. Each one of us can tap into our God-given resources and develop the caliber of leadership qualities divinely placed in us.

 BIC-305           People Skills: Appropriate ways to communicate and resolve conflicts.

This course is designed to assist students to recognize, develop and refine the communication and interpersonal relationship skills necessary to be an effective minister and leader in local and national settings. It is also intended to provide students with techniques for implementing conflict-resolution through proper confrontation methods. This course provides necessary tools for restoring broken relationships and for personal growth

CHM-306                     Introduction to Biblical Praise and Worship

This course is dedicated to equipping students with the practical knowledge to lead both musically and spiritually. The fundamentals of Praise and Worship encompasses all denominations; therefore, this is a vital resource for all leaders. Understanding the purpose and power in worship will ignite a deeper relationship with God. Students will find this to be a comprehensive guide to worship principles that will encourage a personal and corporate spiritual progression.

 BIC-307                        Introduction to Biblical Counseling I

This course is designed to equip students with the necessary tools to conduct a preliminary information-gathering counseling session with Christian believers. Students will learn how to implement the pre-counseling questionnaire, how to complete proper notation and documentation, and how to properly give temperament personality profiles. The Class will provide a basic entry-level understanding of Temperament Theory and Therapy with an emphasis on Biblical Spiritual Counseling.

BIC-308                        Biblical Counseling II

This course is an in-depth study of temperaments and temperament blends. The primary objective of this class is to become proficient at identifying the unique traits and patterns of each temperament and temperament blends to provide optimal counseling. Students will also learn how to correctly interpret, diagnose and plan an approach for successful counseling results.

BIS-309                        Book of Hebrews: Harmony between the Old and New Testaments

This course is designed to help students to know and understand that it is only the full and perfect knowledge of who Christ is and what He does for us that can bring us to a full and perfect Christian life. As explained in Hebrews 1:1-2: “God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds.”

It is this knowledge that enables us to go through all adverse circumstances holding firm and fast from the beginning to the end. By knowing the heavenly character of Christ’s person and His work we can always live in victory, claim the heavenly life He waits to impart, and inherit all the promises in the Word of God.

FOURTH YEAR: First Part—Both Major Courses of Study

CHM-401                     Apologetics: A Defense of the Christian Faith

This course is designed to teach students how to give a defense of the Christian faith against lies and attacks, by getting a clear understanding of what he believes and why he believes it. It also teaches appropriate and effective ways of sharing and defending their faith.

 CHM-402                     History of the Christian Church

This course teaches students the history of the Christian Church from its birth at the day of Pentecost, the Apostolic Church, the persecuted Church, and the expansion and development of the Church through the centuries and up to modern times. It also looks at the history of the Church in the United States.

 BIC-403                        Biblical Principles of Child and Adolescent Counseling

This course will provide students with enough of an understanding of the stages of child and adolescent physical, emotional, and psychological development, coupled with Biblical knowledge, to provide effective Biblical counseling. It also equips students to identify various nurturing deficits.

 CHM-404                     Biblical Hermeneutics

This course teaches the nature, methods, and various types of biblical interpretation. It covers the issues of biblical interpretation and the principles and approaches for a correct understanding of each type.

FOURTH YEAR: Second Part—Pastoral Ministry

PAM-405                     Pastoral Counseling: Counseling with Scriptures

In this course students will be trained in the necessary and appropriate use of Scriptures as the foundation for Christian Counseling. It teaches students to take a balanced look at the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of the person being counseled.

PAM-406                     Pastoral Theology

This course prepares the student with the core ministry duties that are essential to the pastoral ministry—including weddings, funerals, and the ordinances of communion and baptism among others.

 PAM-407                     Biblical Homiletics: Expository Preaching & Teaching the Bible

This course teaches practical principles of preaching and teaching the Bible. Students will be taught how to prepare a sermon outline and effective methods of delivering the sermon in a way that will bring the Scriptures to life

PAM-408                     Bibliology

The focus of this course is to examine the Bible, its history, authorship, and the process of canonization. It also looks at the development of the English Bible and other translations.

 BIS-409                        Pastoral Epistles

This course teaches the qualifications for ministry through the study of Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus.

CHM-410                     Ministry of Helps

The purpose of this course is to help the student to understand the value of serving in the Body of Christ and to help them find their place of service in the Kingdom of God.


FOURTH YEAR: Second Part—Christian Education

CED-401                      Introduction to Christian Education

This course gives students an understanding of the philosophy of Christian Education. It emphasizes that the Church must teach to perpetuate and propagate the Gospel. Principles and practices are outlined for the beginning teacher to the most experienced. It introduces students to its foundation, patterns, and methods; and variations of teaching methods are revealed.

CED-402                      Ministry of the Teacher

This course examines the character, ethics, and heart of the Christian teacher. Through this course the students should gain a clear understanding of how to teach, a deeper conviction for the teaching ministry, and the confidence that they possess the God-given gift and skills for successful teaching. The expectations and responsibilities of Christian teacher will also be reviewed.

CED-403                      Educating Adults

In this course, students will study the characteristics and needs of adults in the local congregation and how to educate them.

CED-404                      Classroom Management

This course teaches students how to plan and evaluate the classroom structure for their pupils. Students will learn how to deal with multiple social issues and backgrounds, how to nurture pupils through the framework of Christian teaching tactics, and by providing them with the optimum opportunities for a quality environment that is conducive to an enriched learning experience.

 CED-405                      Educational Psychology Principles

This course provides students with a comprehensive study of the principles and guidelines of the teaching/learning process.

MPR- Ministry Practicum—MPR-300, 400 (Third and Fourth Years)

This Ministry Practicum will give students CFBC credits for volunteer ministry in their local church. Practicum counts as one three-credit hour course. Students will be required to complete a total of 72 hours of supervised ministry. At least 50% of their practicum must be in the students’ specific area of ministry.

A Practicum Form must be completed by the supervising minister and submitted to Central Florida Bible College. No grade will be awarded unless all requirements for the practicum are met as stated above.